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Browsing Archive: March, 2009

From "FAIR" about E-Verify

Posted by Michael W. on Saturday, March 14, 2009, In : Politics 
Although unemployment rates are at their highest in a generation, earlier this week, the United States Senate used a procedural maneuver to kill an amendment offered by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that would have protected American jobs by extending the critical E-Verify program through September 2014.

The amendment, attached to the $410 Omnibus Appropriations bill (H.R. 1105) to fund the federal government until September 30, 2009, sought to provide a long-term reauthorization of E-Verify....

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History 101: Conservatives v. Libs

Posted by Michael W. on Saturday, March 14, 2009, In : Politics 
I received the following from a friend in an email.  I thought it was funny and decided to post it here!

History 101

For those that don't know about history ... Here is a condensed version:

Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic
hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and
would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter.

The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and
the invention of the wheel...

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