This is a letter from The American Conservatives Union:

In case you missed the stories, in Europe President Barack Obama called the United States arrogant.
Barack Obama stood on French soil, a land that our troops liberated in World War II, and called the United States arrogant.
In a nation still holding the remains of thousands of Americans dead from the beaches of Normandy, Obama called the United States arrogant.
It is simply appalling.
I don't know that we can ever point to a place in history where a President of the United States travelled overseas and disparaged our nation on foreign soil.
Worse, Obama did so standing within a nation that we had spent countless lives and billions of dollars in taxpayer money liberating in World War II.  We spent billions more rebuilding Europe after the war as part of the Marshall Plan and we have spent billions and billions more defending our allies in Europe under NATO.
If it weren't for Americans and the blood that was shed Europeans would be living under Nazi and fascist control.  If it weren't for America and our tax dollars defending Europe after the war all of Europe would be under communist control today. 
Barack Obama wants the United States to accept the roll of the bad guy as we humbly seek the European's support.
All America ever asked Europe for was a little ground to bury our dead as we defended their liberty.  We need to tell Barack Obama that we have nothing to apologize for. 
As multiple newspapers in the United States and even the BBC in London reported, "President Obama told an audience in Strasbourg (France) that "the U.S. had become arrogant and dismissive towards its allies..."  He said the "attitudes had to change."
And while he also pointed out problems with Europe and talked about areas of cooperation he continued to insinuate that America needed to apologize.
As others pointed out, he also claimed that America conducted torture a comment which CNN reported, "raised the roof" with the French audience as they erupted in applause.
In all of the days of his first trip to Europe spent blaming America, he did not even take a moment, an afternoon or evening, to visit the graves of America's war dead.
What did he get for all of this talk?
He failed to gain any new significant commitments from his new European friends to help us fight and protect our nation in the war on terror.  They refused to go along with his so-called plans for economic recovery.  His sole accomplishment for calling the United States arrogant seems to be a French commitment to accept 1 - yes just one - terrorist we are currently holding.
What is even more disturbing is this may just be an indication of more to come. 
As the NEW YORK TIMES reported, he told one questioner at a public forum that, "moving the ship of state is a slow process..."   Saying this as he came hat in hand to ask foreign nations for forgiveness in our efforts to defend our nation.
If Barack Obama's attempts to apologize for America are just the beginning I am worried about what the future may hold.

Please help us send a message that we will not stand for his backhanded attacks on our nation or our nation's history.
Help us send a message to President Obama, here, now.
Dennis Whitfield
Executive Vice President
P.S.  Barack Obama believes he can charm the European Press and delight in their praise while attacking America.  Do not let these comments stand.  Sign the petition, here and now.
The American Conservative Union