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Obama plans to "create" or "save" 3 milliion new jobs, 80% of which will be in the private - sector he says!  That means about 600,000 of those jobs will be in the government.  Yes, 600,000!  Now if you read my personal weekly editorial, you may already know, that the government already employs 22 million.  Our manufacturing and construction employs about 20 million.  Uhh, that is 600,000 more people with the "Gastpo" like mentality of the employees at the drivers license facilities.  Yes, 600,000 more people telling you and me what we can and can't do!

And then what will the SOCIALISTS do?  (Mike why did you call them SOCIALIST? Because that is what SOCIALISTS do.  They promote never ending government)  The government grows in good economic times, and the government grows even faster in poor economic times.  Then, they will spend your money like "DRUNKEN MARXISTS"!  Yes, thats right drunken marxists!  Remember the $825 billion in Economic "NON" Stimulus, that will be $1.3 trillion before you know it. 

Look, ladies and gentleman, it is not the "Great Depression,"  we are not in a depression, and we're not even in the worse economic times since the "Great Depression."  That was the Carter Era, remember?  This is not to say that we're not in a recession.  We are!  But the economy will rebound, as it always has!  The recession will be shorter and the economy will more robust if the GOVERNMENT GOT OUT OF THE WAY, and allowed the free market work!  The "New Deal" didn't work!  Socialism and redistribution of wealth doesn't work!  It never has.  And that is according to FDR's own people!

Look, I'm tired of people telling me - "Mike, give him a chance!  Mike, give him a chance to succeed!"  Well I don't want him to succeed!  I don't want Socialism in America!  I want Capitalism!  I want the free market!