Reject bailing out irresponsibility - From a Barrington, Illinois Resident

From the Daily Herald - Published: 2/10/2009 12:03 AM

President Obama, you said we must all be responsible. But when a state, for example California, overspends and overpromises itself into a huge hole and then runs to D.C. for a bailout, is that responsible? Surely all the big-spenders will get in line demanding a piece of the action if this is done.

At the same time the productive businesses and families who actually pay the bulk of the taxes that support this out-of-control spending, are leaving these states as fast as they can. Sensible, hardworking people will not passively sit by and take this punishment. They will move to a more "friendly" area or just quit and close their businesses (jobs).

Rather than taking our money and using it to subsidize irresponsibility, which only encourages more profligate spending, history shows us that lowering taxes and mandates naturally stimulates the economy. High taxes and ridiculous laws cripple business and these government handouts simply set precedents for everyone to queue up to get their "stimulus."

So if you are really serious Mr. President about all being responsible, wouldn't you change the government policies that reward irresponsible behavior and certainly not throw even more money into that hole? Would you subsidize those who have overspent and then demand that the taxpayer bail them out? Would you advocate the punitive taxes on those who work hard and plan and save for the future?

I don't believe the hope/change that people voted for was simply a doubling down on government spending. You said you would "change" the way business is done in D.C. I am hoping with all my might that you were serious.